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About Ukulele Orchestra

The world-renowned all-singing, all-plucking superstars return with their toe-tapping music, hilarious banter and sheer superlative entertainment. Last year they celebrated 30 Plucking Years of ukulele action, and this year they will have been active for One Billion Seconds.

See and hear for yourself why the appeal of the Ukes of GB (the original Ukulele Orchestra, the oldest and the best) and their hilarious, entertaining, witty shopping trolley dash through all genres of music has led to sold-out shows all over the world from the Royal Albert Hall to the Sydney Opera House.

They play ukuleles, they sing, they say funny things, they whistle, but they bring a lot more to the table than that.

"Pure entertainment", "magisterial", "the best musical entertainment in the country" and "a much loved national institution" are some of the things audience members and reviewers have said in attempting to encapsulate the indefinable magic and atmosphere of all round good humour, light-heartedness, well-being and joy that permeate the live concerts.

Don't take their celebrity fans' word for it, whether Michael Palin, Timothy West, Bette Midler, Brian Eno, Michael Gambon or Jeremy Paxman. See and hear for yourself why superlative word-of-mouth recommendations have led to sold-out shows and standing ovations all over the world.