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About The Selecter

The Selecter release their first album in 15 years  in Sep 2011 Made In Britain is the new album from seminal 2-tone band The Selecter, who pioneered the SKA revival movement alongside label mates, The Specials and Madness in 1979. The Selecter was once described as "conspiring to make dancing the only way to walk"- 31 years later, that description still holds true.

The album mixes SKA, pop and reggae in their inimitable style to reflect the social and political issues confronting Britain's new multicultural society in 2011. Just as they gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide in Thatcher's recessionary Britain thirty years ago, The Selecter returns to those seemingly insoluble questions of racism and social division, that still pervade today's British landscape & in much of Europe, as evidenced by the recent tragic events in Norway.

The 2-tone legacy continues undiminished, because the idea of multiculturalism began when black and white youth, who had grown up in Britain decided to get together and make music that reflected their particular world. Made In Britain seeks to continue those ideas and that conversation and carry their message forward to a new generation. Multiculturalism rules!

Brand new single Big In The Body-Small In the Mind was released on May 30th 2011 & climbed to No.1 in the Amazon hottest new reggae release download chart.

"Multiculturalism rules", The Selecter's Pauline Black says pointedly, hours after David Cameronhas declared it dead. No one else gives the Prime Minister's comment house-room during this exhilarating.... celebration of reggae in Britain. Look around at the delighted one-time skinheads and rude boys dancing to the heroes that unite them and the idea seems the product of a fevered brain. - Nick Hasted, The Independent.

The Selecter's legendary frontwoman Pauline Black (pictured) covers Amy Winehouse, with added wordplay. It's an effortless ska pop groove.... METRO- single of the week.