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Trans-Siberian Orchestra


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About Trans-Siberian Orchestra

"Paul O'Neill always had the idea for Trans-Siberian Orchestra in his mind, the stories and the music were down on paper and pouring out of his head and hands but it was yet to be fully realized. In the early 1980's, Paul O'Neill was offered the opportunity to produce and write the next album for the Hard Rock / Metal band SAVATAGE. Upon first seeing the band, O'Neill was stunned by what he witnessed. SAVATAGE's frontman Jon Oliva was simply the best rock singer he had ever heard. "I said lets make this next album, and become the first progressive metal band," O'Neill remembers. "Hall Of The Mountain King" revived SAVATAGE's career, recasting it as a trailblazing progressive metal band. Just as significantly, it cemented a creative partnership between Paul O'Neill and Jon Oliva that has remained a cornerstone of TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA to this day.

With TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, O'Neill saw that he could take his idea of progressive rock to a whole different level, even higher then he was able to do with SAVATAGE. He carried the idea for the TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA with him and it became bigger and bigger while he continued working with SAVATAGE.

He would add a full orchestra to a rock band. Instead of just one singer, O'Neill would recruit different singers to bring to life whatever characters he could create. He would also take the rock opera a step further, adapting the cohesive story- telling of Broadway plays like WEST SIDE STORY and PHANTOM OF THE OPERA to create compelling and emotionally powerful narratives to match the epic scope of the music.