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About Yann Tiersen

Yann Tiersen announces Dublin headline show - Performing songs old and new, that will include tracks from his back catalogue including Amélie, up to his most recent work ∞ (Infinity).

You don’t need to be a numerologist to know about the age old mystical associations the figure ‘8’ holds. A symmetrical shape that crosses over itself and forks out into an eternal geometric continuum, it is believed by some to be the number that balances the material and the immaterial worlds. It is this perpetuity that interests celebrated Breton musician Yann Tiersen.

“‘∞ (Infinity)‘ is my eighth studio album,” says Yann from his Ushant Island home situated thirty kilometres off the west coast of Brittany, “and an ‘8’ is also the sign of infinity. I didn't choose the title, the title chose itself.”

Chez Yann, situated on a weather-beaten island in the Celtic Sea which is rich in stone and mineral and barren of tree and vegetation, played a major part in the process of creating ‘∞ (Infinity)‘, as did the arcadian wilds of the Faroe Islands and Iceland (where the humble beginnings of this collection of new musical works was first conceived). With the initial recordings taking place in Reykjavik, Tiersen then took this work back to Ushant to finish it off, but not before visiting the bucolic, windy lanes of Devon and Cornwall in a campervan, armed with a laptop for work and a bicycle for pleasure (cycling is an inveterate passion of Yann’s, and some of his road trips are astonishing in their scope and ambition.)

Yann has gone back to basics on ‘∞ (Infinity)’, making noise with toy instruments just like he did on his early works. “The idea was to start with toy instruments as a reference to my early works, then manipulate the sounds electronically as far as possible to end up with a new base. I took that base and added a new layer of acoustic instruments, and repeated the same process. Finally I repeated the process with strings, so the all album was a constant back and forth from acoustic to electronic to electric to digital, back to analogue. Then all back the other way.” And so, just like the ouroboros, the infinity cycle begins all over again.