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The World Deadlift Championships 2020 are taking place on 12 September 2020 as part of the newly titled World Open at Manchester Arena.

The World Deadlift Championships 2020 will be held as Event 1, the first of five inspirational and jaw-dropping strongman challenges at the Giants Live World Open event in Manchester, with a cash prize bonus for anyone who can beat Eddie Hall’s 500kg deadlift. 

In previous years, the Manchester show has been the tour finale for the World’s Strongest Man Arena Tour, but with a new date added in Glasgow for 2020, the Manchester date will become the hotly anticipated World Open in 2020.

It will feature the world’s biggest and best international strongmen, with the greatest deadlifters on the planet invited to join as special guests for Event 1 – the battle for the 501kg deadlift!

Last updated: November, 2019