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About Wild Child

The Austin-based ensemble Wild Child has carried its blend of indie-pop and infectious melodies across the international music scene, charting viral hits and wrapping their arms around a diverse and dedicated fan base.

Earlier this year, the band set out to make their fourth studio album and found that after half a decade of maturation, they'd grown beyond their traditional writing and recording process. So they took a new multispectral approach that went beyond simply trying to engineer success. Wild Child made a list of their favorite musicians who were also great producers in their own right – choosing ones they thought would shine a new and unique light on specific compositions – and then they set about chasing their album from studio to studio all over the world, never saying no to an idea.

The result: Expectations, which is Wild Child’s most creative, colourful and intellectually engaging album to date.

Now a seven-piece pop mini-orchestra (with Kelsey Wilson on violin and vocals; Alexander Beggins on ukulele and vocals; Sadie Wolfe on cello; Matt Bradshaw on keyboards, trumpet and harmonica; Tom Myers on drums; Cody Ackors on guitar and trombone; and Tyler Osmond on bass), Wild Child originally formed in 2010 when the group's core duo of Wilson and Beggins wrote and released their first album, Pillow Talk.

Wild Child shaped their third record, Fools, in the shadows of more than one failed love, and now Expectations, as the title suggests, is a continuation of that personal experience into an awakening. The result is a theater of possibilities, with arrangements that reflect the range of tastes of the producers, from scruffy lo-fi tape hiss, to smoothed out precision-cut electronic pop sounds. 

Last updated: February, 2018