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When the Cat's Away


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About When the Cat's Away

So as not to put his clumsy unromantic ways to the test, an intensely insecure George ducks out of going on a second honeymoon with his wife and sends his sister- in-law instead. Their twenty-odd year old marriage has been fading and his wife Mildred wants to rekindle the "fire". George dreads the "heat" and always finds a way of avoiding it.

Things seem set to go his way until his womanising brother-in-law Humphrey, a real "player", blackmails him into hosting a romantic party for four, which takes place in "alter boy" George's house, while his wife is away. Under great nervous pressure and gross ineptitude, George improvises a unique brand of courtship in order to deal with the hot and amorous advances of Shirley, an eccentric, heartbroken, love-starved girl with a lot of chase in her heels, who is dead set on "giving herself" to George.

George, on the other hand has the time of his life trying to keep out of her clutches and just when he thinks he is getting a break, his wife and sister-in-law return. Being utterly clumsy and totally unschooled in the art of womanising, George finds the quick on-the-spot lessons from Humphrey too much for him to grasp at this hot, fast pace. So George improvises.

At this point the genial Humphrey neatly extricates himself from the sticky situation thus leaving poor George as the scapegoat who must now explain to Mildred the meaning of the girls' presence in her house. George snaps into frantic action and embark upon a scheme, moving the indignantly defiant love kittens in and out of closets and rooms in between the comings and goings of the intensely suspicious and annoyed Mildred who is intent on finding out the reason for George's strange behaviour. Eventually all is revealed and the sly Humphrey suffers for his deeds. The end proves to be a real twister.