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About Twin Atlantic

Since forming in March 2007, Twin Atlantic have become idols amongst their peers - the daddies of the underground rock scene. And you don't even need to listen past the opening riff of 'Audience and Audio' - the first track on their recently self-released debut EP - to understand how and why.

It's not just the combination of ridiculously melodic and poetic song-writing, with an ambition, determination and maturity far greater than their young years should allow. And it's not just about being brave enough to have songs with cello in them, or covering Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' so well that only a nut would call it novelty. And they're not just another growly band with a few good beards and a poster boy singer.

With riffs and choruses that will stick in your head for an age, they can play hard and fast and loud like the best hard, fast and loud bands, then instantly flip the switch and have a packed venue waving lighters to their softer side. And they can crowdsurf in Edinburgh - something much bigger touring bands have tried and failed at.

UK rock has found a brave new voice and it is distinctly Scottish.