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About Trioperas

The hit opera show Trioperas, produced under the patronage of UNESCO, features beautiful classics you know and love like Nessun Dorma, One Fine Day, Humming Chorus, Habanera and The Toreador Song.

Think of it as three legendary operas (each running about 35 minutes) in one original new show.

Turandot, the warrior Chinese princess, rules a kingdom as colourful and blood-thirsty as any in Game of Thrones. Butterfly, the young Japanese geisha, dreams of a life in America with her naval-officer lover. And Carmen, the wild Spanish gypsy girl, is ready to die for the liberty to love whom she pleases.

Trioperas takes these stories and merges classical music with punk, rap, rock and hip hop, and then adds an incredible display of acrobatics, kung fu, puppetry, breakdancing, tap, ballet, salsa, Chinese lion wushu and parkour.

It's a spectacular, high-adrenaline, unforgettable journey of love, vengeance, tears and laughter.

With rollercoaster action and powerful emotional music, Trioperas is a dazzling experience for audiences of all ages!

Last updated: November, 2017