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About Tony Christie

This show, which includes an eight piece band, revisits some of his hits songs including 'Avenues' and Alleyways and Is This The Way to Amarillo'.  This is the way to see a musical giant of popular song. 
Tony Christie is delivering the best music of his career'
- The Guardian

Tony Christie recently celebrated 50 years in music.  As a teenager he and a friend formed The Grant Brothers, touring hospitals and working men's' clubs.  After they parted Tony joined northern club sensations The Counterbeats until leaving to go solo in 1966.  He was spotted by mod-guru and Who producer Shel Talmy and was soon winning awards.  At one such ceremony he met manager Harvey Lisberg, who promised to make him a star.  At the start of 1971 Las Vegas hit the charts and after that the international hits began to flow.  These were big songs for a big voice and they were followed by big tours, establishing a large and loyal fan base.  In 1991, old fan Jarvis Cocker sought out Tony to collaborate on Walk like a Panther which was a top 10 hit and re-introduced him to a new generation of fans.  This new found popularity was taken to new heights in 2005 with the hilarious cover of Is This the Way to Amarillo in Phoenix Nights, prompting a British tour and the release of a greatest hits album.  After that followed a new album of collaborations with Sheffield's finest music makers (including Artic Monkeys, Jarvis cocker, The Human League and The All Seeing I) Made in Sheffield, which was a major commercial and artistic success.  His most recent album, Now's the Time, explores the soul side of his early career.