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Tommy Tiernan


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About Tommy Tiernan



Back on the road again Tommy Tiernan has a new show, Paddy Crazy Horse. He rants, he raves, he dances and he acts. He tries to be very silly yet very serious all at the same time. 

He mixes a love of comic rebellion and a refusal to be conscripted into a rational world view with a deep love for talking and the poetry of everyday speech. Using high theatricality and lots of sweary language, this is a fast paced and exuberant celebration of everything that’s wild, wrong and wonderful about being alive right here, right now. It is by turns clever and then really stupid.


Tommy Tiernan’s legendary record-breaking ticket sales extend across the world. The Star of Channel 4’s hit show Derry Girls and Live at the Apollo (BBC) writes a weekly newspaper column for the Sunday Independent and hosts his own improvised chat show on Ireland’s RTE 1.

“There is a spirituality to Tiernan that makes him stand out.  The church’s loss is comedy’s gain…Imperious” – The Irish Independent 

“He’s boss. He’s twinkly poppa……Tiernan can drop in turns of phrase so exquisite that you could call them a sound installation and enter them for the Turner prize.” – The Times

Last updated: May, 2019