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Tim Minchin


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The inimitable Australian polymath

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Music virtuoso Tim Minchin is internationally renowned as a songwriter and composer, but he’s a man of many more talents – including being an award-winning actor, comedian and author.

Born in Northampton, he was raised in Perth, Australia. Minchin fell in love with theatre from a young age, later studying and receiving a degree from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts’ Edith Cowan University in 1998 – with that institution awarding him an honorary Doctorate of Performing Arts in recognition of his outstanding contributions in 2019.

Minchin’s credits have been numerous since graduating. He’s probably best known for creating the lyrics and music in the acclaimed Matilda The Musical, which has won a record seven Olivier Awards, and five Tony Awards – and it continues to run in the West End among many other cities worldwide.  

In addition, Minchin did the score for the fantastically witty musical Groundhog Day, and he co-wrote and starred in the television series Upright about two misfits thrown together by chance in the middle of the Australian desert.

Minchin also has a long history of sold-tour live tours in Australia, the UK and across the globe that often showcase not only his comedic chops but his politically charged songwriting and his extraordinary piano playing skills.

Over the years he released numerous live albums including 2005’s Darkside, 2006’s So Rock, 2009’s Ready For This?, 2010’s Live At The O2, 2011’s Tim Minchin And The Heritage Orchestra and 2013’s So F***ing Rock.

Minchin’s debut studio album, Apart Together, recorded since he moved back to Sydney in 2018, comes out on 20 November 2020. In advance of its arrival, he announced a one-off live stream concert for 19 November 2020 showcasing all 11 tracks as well as whatever pours out of his brain in between performing them.

“This album we’ve made really lends itself to this sort of performance: the songs tell stories that ask the listener to stay engaged with every lyric; they are generally very personal; they vary in style from proper all-out rock-pop tracks to seriously intimate ballads,” said Minchin. “I really hope people settle in with a really good set of speakers, a really good friend or two, and a really nice bottle of wine, and let me see if I can’t give them an online performance that isn’t quite like anything they’ve ever seen. Oh. That sounds like porn doesn’t it. *It’s not porn.”

Photo at top by Damian Bennett


Tim Minchin is doing a one-off live stream concert called Apart Together, The Album Live on 19 November 2020. The concert will only be available online and accessible to ticket holders for 48 hours.

The one-off concert performance Apart Together, The Album Live will see Tim Minchin perform his brand new album in its entirety from Sydney's Trackdown Studios.

“I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make live entertainment in this no-live-entertainment world, and – as always – how to make a virtue of the restrictions placed on us as artists,” said Minchin. “And I’ve concluded that we have a fantastic opportunity to make a new style of “live” concerts. Not like the old model, where cameras are inserted into seats in an audience, or put on the shoulder of a camera operator dressed in black, skulking around the edges of the stage, pretending they don’t exist. But instead, I want to bring the audience into the room with us. I want the viewer to feel like they have been invited into the studio to watch the final dress rehearsal for a concert, and have been given permission to stand in amongst the band, to sit down next to me (ewww), to be completely inside the experience.”

Tickets for Tim Minchin's one-off Apart Together, The Album Live online event go on sale from 12:00 on Monday 2 November 2020.