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The State of Play


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About The State of Play

All video game fans look forward to the end of the year, as this is the time that publishers roll out the big guns; those Triple A titles that have been previewed for months in magazines and will be on everyone's Xmas wish list. But, what if there was an event that provided the chance to see and play those anticipated games months before they hit the streets? Where you could also be one of the first people in the UK to experience the start of the next generation of gaming and entertainment; the Xbox 360(tm) video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®...

That event is The State of Play, taking place at the NEC in Birmingham across three days  October 14, 15 and 16.

Produced by the creators of Board X and Urban Games, The State of Play will be the place to see and test all the new titles before they are available in the shops. The event aims to reflect how videogames are now slap bang in the centre of the cultural zeitgeist and celebrate the lifestyle that is associated with the most exciting modern form of entertainment.

The State of Play is broken down into separate zones, each one representing a specific gaming genre:

· Hollywood Film Zone - catch the latest movies and play the latest movie related games

· Combat Zone - With the best in combat and shooting games, plus the presence of the British Army, this zone takes no prisoners.

· Urban Ghetto - Massive sound systems, street wear labels, skaters, BMX'ers, graffiti artists meet the coolest extreme sport games in the world

· Pit Stop -The very best driving games, fully pimped up to the max with the best modified cars in the UK. All hosted by the Pit Stop Girls.

· The Den - Over 18's only allowed in the Den. Where gaming gets brutal and the results get messy!

So if you want to see the latest games before anyone else does, in their own natural environment, The State of Play is for you. It'll be a totally new, totally unique, and totally unforgettable experience!