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The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

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About The London Bridge Experience and London Tombs

Become part of London's gruesome history and travel back in time to an age of adventure and uncover the dark secrets that lie beneath the world's most famous and most haunted bridge. Laugh, scream and cheer your way through 2000 years of horrible history!

Plunge into the inky blackness of a disused railway tunnel and emerge into the midst of a fierce battle between Queen Boudicca and the legions of Rome! Keep your wits about you though, at The London Bridge Experience danger lurks in every shadow.
If you've survived this far, continue your adventure with caution as you creep through the misty halls of theViking kings. Watch your step on the rickety wooden bridge; it's a long way down!

If you're still alive why not try out a spot of hanging, drawing and quartering? Enter the Gate House and discover the grisly fate of Tudor traitors in the company of our expert executioner and our real giant rats!

Experience medieval life first hand as you pass through the Chapel of Thomas Becket and onto the shop lined streets of the old London Bridge. Learn some of the local trades and then run for your life as the Great Fire of London sweeps through the city!
There are darker surprises in store for you as you wander the streets of Victorian Southwark. Smell the Great Stink and try not to become another victim of Jack the Ripper.

Finish your journey by braving the stomach churning Hell's Portal and emerge back in the present day.

The London Tombs
Winner of the UK’s Best Scare Attraction 2008-2011

If you're feeling brave you can choose to face your fears and descend into in the former plague pit; the London Tombs, where a few more surprises will chill your bones.
It's a thrilling journey that uses the latest in Hollywood style wizardry and hilarious live actors. Come and see the show that has had audiences screaming for over four years!

Come and face your fears, whether its clowns that make your blood run cold or confined spaces that make your hairs stand on end, the London Tombs is sure to leave your throat sore from screaming!
For those less brave, the Guardian Angel tour is advised (suitable for under 11’s). Our special guides will accompany younger timid visitors around the tombs to protect them from anything too frightening.

This is the perfect location for any family day out, group visit or team building activity with a difference!