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The Lady Boys of Bangkok


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About The Lady Boys of Bangkok

The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Fantasy & Feathers

Think......fantasy. Think...... feathers... Think.... fantastic!    

 The fabulous Lady Boys of Bangkok are back in spectacular style with the new 2010 production of the country's favourite cabaret party show.

It's non-stop entertainment all the way. From Lady Gaga to the Saturdays ...from Sarah Brightman to Bryan Adams... from a fantasy  in outer space to the intensity of sensuous Latin rhythms.... from West End musical to Hollywood blockbuster.... the hits keep on coming as only Lady Boys of Bangkok  can deliver.

 In a flamboyant extravaganza combining the heady spice of Bangkok's exotic nightlife with the glamorous showgirl appeal of Las Vegas,  The Lady Boys of Bangkok is staged in the unique ambiance of the Sabai Pavilion.

Performed by 16 of the world's most beautiful show-girls (who just happen to be men!) it's the show everyone talks about!   Whether it is the trade-mark painstakingly immaculate make up; the glittering array of designer-inspired hand-made outfits; the sheer effervescence and style of the performance; the show-stopping choreography or the saucy  but never crude or vulgar - comedy.

The fantasy starts as soon as you enter the fully carpeted Sabai Pavilion.  You have left behind your daily existence and are transported to Bangkok's exotic nightlife.  Inhale the aroma of freshly prepared Thai food.  Licensed bars are situated in both the cabaret room and foyer.  

In the Cabaret Room, you will be escorted to your table * by a Thai hostesses wearing traditional silk costumes.  Hugely popular with hen parties and office outings, there's a buzz of excited anticipation as the house-lights dim.

 Direct from the heart of Bangkok's exotic nightlife, you will be entertained - like no one has entertained you before! - by 16 of the world's most stunningly beautiful representatives of the Third Sex (Kathoey) - the sensational Lady Boys Of Bangkok.  It's the best party night in town!

Book now for the ultimate cabaret party night out. The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Fantasy & Feathers - a world in which everything is not quite what it seems

A tent in Russell Square might strike you as an unlikely place to have your mind blown by one of the most extraordinary cultural experiences you'll ever witness.

Nearly everything about this show raises an eyebrow (if not two) at every twist and turn, but the effect is like attending a truly sensational party - one you will never, ever forget.

So put on your seatbelt, open your heart, suspend your disbelief, and prepare to be amazed as well as riotously entertained by the incredible Lady Boys Of Bangkok.

For centuries in the kingdom of Siam, as Thailand was previously known, some people born boys have chosen to adopt the mannerisms and lifestyles of girls, often from an early age. They're known as Kathoey and enjoy a recognised and respected position in their communities. Frequently in the past some would form themselves into troupes of travelling entertainers and attract huge crowds to what was, in effect, the original form of a modern cabaret show.

16 of the most beautiful and seductive female forms ever assembled on one stage - and ever single one of them a Thai man. With their flamboyant and revealing costumes, painstakingly immaculate make-up and show-stopping dance genius their blend of cabaret and comedy, music and movement is a real thrill to experience.

"A glamorous cocktail of cabaret, dance and comedy" - The Times