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About The Divide

“The Divide” - A new stage play opening in the Arts and Business Campus, Drumcondra, Dublin, Ireland for only ten euros (and free parking) on November 6th, 2015 for six weekends every Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm for a very limited Irish run performed by a new professional theatre company in a cute and homely theatre which has never seen theatre before.
Set in Southern America “The Divide” is a stage play that touches on the issues that are forefront in America and the world, as the Muslim community comes to terms with the divides even within their community since the birth of IS.
“The Divide” is a romantic tragedy comedy. Professor Radcliff is a very complex character who has a shady past. His personal life is in a tail spin as his colleague and drinking friend reminds us from his ghostly appearance on stage. Michael having taken his life talks to Radcliff in a humorous fashion and wants to discuss his suicide with Radcliff, who would prefer he would just go to the other side and leave him in peace.

It is when Eka Aleeza, a practicing devote Muslim comes into Radcliff’s life that events unfold that leave him spinning. Eka’s stunning beauty that is totally unaware of the power her natural looks have over men.
It is when Professor Radcliff and Eka begin an affair that Eka’s religion and the pressure she faces as her IS loving younger brother flees to serve on the Syrian border. “The Divide” is a deeply moving romantic tragedy comedy but at the same time covers taboos within Western society. “The Divide” is not about religion or is it? Or is it about the forbidden fruit of love? As the other characters in “The Divide” unfold in Professor Radciff’s and Eka’s life, the turning and twistin