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About The Days

About The Days.

Where we came from...

Drummerless and bored, Simpkins brothers Luke and Dan decided to visit the local annual Ugborough fair day where they bumped into old school associate, me (Harry) and we got on well enough to start jamming. A month later we moved to London together. After a year of relentless rehearsing mixed in with a select batch of dates playing around the London vicinity, we attracted a bit of interest and upon arrival back home in Devon for the summer, and enlisted fellow school buddy and axe wielder Tim Ayers to 'rock us up a bit'. Within two months the four of us were putting pen to paper to our record deal, shaking slightly and wondering what on earth had just happened to us, expecting to wake up at any second.


Our debut album is due to be released spring time next year but bare with us, in the mean time we are based in Hollywood pursuing careers in acting... When / if we come back we will reside in various manors around the English countryside, and get on with rehearsing in our barn on Dartmoor, recording b-sides and acoustic tracks, and preparing go on tour next month.