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The Damned

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About The Damned

Formed in London in 1976, The Damned were the first pu nk rock band from the United Kingdom to release a single (New Rose), an album (Damned Damned Damned) and tour the United States. 

The band briefly broke up in 1977 after the release of their sophomore album, but quickly reformed (without guitarist Brian James) and released third album Machine Gun Etiquette in 1979. By the late '80s they had released four more studio albums and performed what was said to be The Damned's final live show in 1988. 

However, they reformed again for a tour in 1991 and released fresh material in 1995 with new album Not of This Earth, which was also to be founding member Rat Scabies' last with the band.

Despite going through numerous line-up changes throughtout the years, the current iteration of the band have been together since 2004.

Well-known for being one of the first gothic rock bands and a major influence on the goth subculture, The Damned helped spearhead the punk movement in the United Kingdom. They are sometimes referred to as British punk's "band of firsts".

Last updated: July, 2017