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The Best of British Mediumship with Colin Fry and TJ Higgs

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About The Best of British Mediumship with Colin Fry and TJ Higgs

Colin's extraordinary psychic abilities and communication with the two worlds continues to give fascinating and foolproof revelations and indisputable accurate facts from the other side combined with TJ's kind, caring and at times light-hearted approach to mediumship her evidence from the spirit world is mind-blowing. This breathtaking duo brings their gift to you for the first time ever Colin Fry and TJ Higgs present the Best of British Mediumship.

TJ was born in North London in 1970; she was a hypersensitive child and used to see the particles in the air which she now understands as energy. Her Father and step mother didn't encourage her gift and it was stifled until she was 26yrs old when she had a reading and she instinctively knew that she could do the same. Since then she has taken every opportunity to develop her gift.

TJ ‘s development was fast and furious. She met an established medium who saw her unique gift and took her on as his student.

TJ has been working for Spirit and Destiny magazine for two and a half years as their psychic house detective and psychic SOS, she is also one of their Ghost Hunters. She has appeared on Richard and Judy where she read for Charles and Camilla and X Factor where she predicted correctly the top 3.

TJ toured New Zealand with Colin Fry in January 2008 and is returning in 2009 with her own solo show. She has performed to over 200,000 people in 2008 alone.

TJ is launched a theatre show alongside Colin Fry this year. The show is called the best of British Mediumship and TJ & Colin will share half of the show each.

TJ launched her own solo tour in 2009 which is promoted/supported at all of Colin Fry's tours.

TJ has been on Zone Reality for the past year with two series of Psychic Private Eyes.

In 2009 TJ will be appearing on Living TV alongside Colin Fry & Derek Acorah in two one hour specials of The Three Mediums.

In July 2009 TJ's launched her first book published by Rider 'Living with the Gift'.

Day to day she has her own shop called Dragonfly Spiritual Centre based in Waltham Abbey, Essex. She considers one to one readings to be her life's work in helping people to follow their life path. She also does healing, soul readings and psychic counselling as well as being a reiki master.

TJ is a mother to two teenage sons who share her gift. James uses his sensitivity to create music as well as perform psychic readings and Ryan is a natural healer who uses art to channel his sensitivity.

TJ believes the difficulties she has faced in her own life have been integral to making her the sensitive medium she is today.