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The Al Pitcher Show


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About The Al Pitcher Show

As he goes about his life Al Pitcher sees a lot of ordinary things... but he never sees them in an ordinary way. Now Al is making it his mission to show people his way of seeing the world, inviting them to escape the monotony of their everyday lives. Each day before his show, armed with a digital camera, Al will venture into the city he is performing in to capture the world as he sees it. Every night, Al will weave the day's events into a unique and hilarious show, complete with his photographic evidence.

"Pitcher sits firmly in the improvising, rambling, freewheeling comedy camp inhabited by the likes of Ross Noble and Eddie Izzard. However, unlike both of them, Pitcher is one of the best-kept secrets on the comedy scene. He is a diamond as yet not hewn from the circuit rock. But it's only a matter of time" - Time Out 2008

"As Funny and as Random as a Sausage with sideburns" - The List

"Catch him while he is cheap"  - Evening Standard