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About Tango Passion

Tango Pasión formula is a proven one. Since its first appearance at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées on 31January 1996, the company has given 122 performances of 7 different shows in front of 150,000 enthusiastic spectators. The company has travelled the world, and its dedicated fans have numbered hundreds of thousands across all five continents. This new show is built on the same firm foundations of music, song and dance as before, since the tango is, above all, a combination of all three.

Firstly the music, which moves from traditional themes, with a nod to Gardel and Le Pera, to the tango as reinvented by Piazzola (two of whose previously unheard compositions, as well as the essential Libertango, we will have the pleasure of hearing), to the ‘electronic' tango of the 21st century. The music will be performed by Sexteto Stazo Mayor, founded by the bandoneon player Luis Stazo, of the famous Sexteto Mayor. Stazo was the co-founder, arranger and organiser of Sexteto Mayor with the late José Libertella, whose memory we will be honouring.

Then we move on to song, with both the female voice (Marcela Rios) and male voice (Nestor Rolan) being essential components in capturing the drama, love and, even more so, the passion of life.

And finally the dancers, all of whom are professionals selected from among the best in Buenos Aires, who come from the best home grown ‘porteña' talent, and who were chosen by the choreographer Hector Zaraspe (former coach to Rudol Nureyev and creator of previous shows). Amongst the 13 performers are two legendary Tango Pasión couples who have been with the company since the very beginning (Omar and Monica, and Osvaldo and Graciela), as well as dancers who embody today's ever-evolving style of tango. It will also be the first chance to see a new raw talent and star in the making, Leonardo Luizaga.

In offering the audience everything that can be done to the rhythm of the tango, the show will not tell just one story, but will be structured around 30 scenes. The orchestra and the dance combining virtuosity and sensuality, with performances by individuals, couples, groups or the entire company. The lighting will be designed by specialist Tom Irthum who, after working on variety shows, operas and in the theatre, is tackling the tango.
Worthy successor to Tango Argentino, 25 years later, Tango Pasión is reinvented with Ultimo Tango, their most emblematic show.