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Taking Back Sunday

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About Taking Back Sunday

Tidal  Wave is  Taking  Back  Sunday's  seventh  album.  While  most  of  their peers  have  either  broken  up,  faded  away  or  reunited  to capitalize  on  the  emo  scene's  wildfire  revival, Taking Back Sunday have always been the Pearl Jam of the scene in the sense that they've consistently plugged along and continued to reinvent themselves regardless of what was trendy at the time. “By the time most bands get to this point in their career they are pretty set in what they do but we were really mindful about approaching our musical ideas differently this time around and staying true to where the five of us are in our lives right now,” frontman Adam Lazzara explains. “This album is truly an expression  of  what Taking  Back  Sunday  is  during  this  snapshot  in  time  as  opposed  to  what  we  think people expect from our band.”