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About Somnai

SOMNAI lets you explore the realm of lucid dreaming to master your subconscious mind. Mixing live performance, multi-sensory elements and immersive technologies, it offers a twist on the traditional live experience.

The story behind SOMNAI is a thought-provoking parable for our modern times. In a society where individuals are focused on wanting to be more, you’ll place your humanity in the hands of an all-powerful AI with good intentions but unusual methods.

The 90-minute show takes place in a large warehouse over two floors in a central London location. SOMNAI will guide you on a journey deep into your psyche and invite you to make choices that will reveal what you really want and who you really are. No one’s path will be the same, but whatever happens, you will leave enlightened.

The experience ends in a state-of-the-art bar illuminated by projection mapping that morphs and changes as you enjoy drinks, which are also designed to play with your perceptions.

No matter what, SOMNAI will make your dreams come true – all you have to do is sleep!

Last updated: January, 2018