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Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu

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About Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu

The Return Of the Monks

Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu, originating in China, tells the story of the Shaolin Monks in a totally new top class stage production. Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu fighting coupled with entertainment, perfect choreography, lavish lighting and sound, as well as impressive authentic scenery. Some of the best Shaolin Kung Fu fighters have been assembled for this show and will certainly eclipse any previous Kung Fu performances. Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu will take the audience on an exciting journey through the incredible world of this ancient martial art. Spectacular weapons and combat demonstrations as well as breathtaking Qi Gong exercices show the harmony between the outer energy, Gong, and the inner power, Chi, the unity of body and mind. Through this performance which lasts approximately two hours, the spectator experiences not only the history, philosophy and tales of the Shaolin monks but also sporting performances not usually found in this country. In short, Masters of Shaolin Kung Fu, shows this art in its original form.