Create your first event in 3 easy steps

Step 1

Sign up for an account with our ticketing platform Universe.

Step 2

Start building your event using an easy-to-use guided tool

Step 3

Hit publish and start selling

“(Universe)...have worked closely with us to provide a ticketing platform that fits our needs as a business. I have used this service for numerous of years for both my festival Cask Days and beer bar Birreria Volo.” - Julian Morana, President & Co-Founder

How much does it cost to sell tickets?

Paid tickets are charged at 2% + 99p* on our starter package.

Can I sell free tickets?

You can sell free tickets on Universe and ticketing tools are free of charge.

What kind of event can I sell tickets for?

You can sell tickets for any kind of event: beer festivals, yoga classes, charity fundraisers, virtual events, local football matches, comedy nights, community fairs, art workshops, business conferences, easter egg hunts, club nights and more.

What other features are there?

There are plenty to choose from, here are just a few:

  • Customise your checkout questions to capture detailed customer information
  • Sync with your Facebook to publish your events
  • Offer a discount in exchange for social sharing
  • Set up waiting lists when your event is sold out
  • Instant access to funds with Stripe Connect
  • Download the free Universe Box Office app to scan tickets using your smartphone
  • View real-time reports of all your sales
  • Comprehensive support desk to help you along your ticketing journey

Plus if you're a bit of a pro, there are plenty more features including embeddable widgets, marketing tool integrations, API's and more.

Managed service and bespoke fees are available for events of scale. Please enquire here.

*excludes VAT and card processing fees