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Robin Mark

R&B/Urban Soul

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About Robin Mark

Robin Mark lives in Belfast, with his wife Jacqueline and three children, Catherine, David and James. He combines an international ministry in Praise and Worship with a worship leading role at his Belfast home church (CFC) where he is now one of a team of part time worship ministers serving the local church.

Within the context of his home church he is also pleased to provide pastoral oversight to new generations of musicians and leaders in that place and also in other churches in Northern Ireland.

It was way back in 1992 when the first recorded album "Captive Heart" included several songs that are still used in worship not only in his home church but throughout Northern Ireland and the world. Further locally produced albums, “Not by Might” and “Days of Elijah” became best sellers in Ireland in the mid 1990s and news of Robin's songs and albums spread fast throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom where publishers and event organisers began to make contact.

Europe wide release of new albums followed including the award winning certified U.K. Gold selling "Mandate" series with a unique blend of old and new songs presented in the context of the largest men's conference in the U.K. Robin recorded another Mandate album in 2007 which has been a number one selling album in Europe and Canada. It again captures the unique and intensely emotive sound of thousands of male voices joined in praise.

In 1999 Integrity Music signed Robin to record the seminal “Revival in Belfast” album, live at his church. Using a blend of mainly local church musicians and the US based recording engineers; the spirit of worship at CFC was captured in what was to become one of the worlds biggest selling church based worship albums of all time. Robin continues to write and record and is now with Inciite Media in Nashville TN, recently adding two further albums “Fly” and 'John Wesley', to the several number one and award winning albums that he has recorded. His overall music sales have now reached over 2 million albums throughout the world.

In all these productions, Robin’s signature style of songwriting has spawned hymns of praise and worship which have consistently and repeatedly become the anthems for churches around the globe. Not that Robin regards himself as a "songwriter" per se. In the Worship Together, Toronto worship conference in 2000 he stated, "...I write only when I feel I have something to say. I cannot sit down and write automatically or prolifically, God hasn't given me that gift, unfortunately! But whether it’s in music, song, business, family or other area of service, so long as I am praising Him, that's all that matters."

Songs such as “Days of Elijah”, “Revival”, “The Wonder of Your Cross, “All for Jesus”, “All is Well” and “Heaven’s Gates” have been his vehicles for that praise.

The albums containing these songs have garnered several awards including Albums of the Year in the U.K., four certified Gold Discs in local and overseas markets and other nominations and personal awards from peers and the Christian Music Industry. He was awarded International Artist of the Year at the 2004 Dove Awards and in March 2008 was awarded Worship Artist of the Year at a U.K. Radio Awards ceremony.

His first book “Warrior Poets of the 21st Century” was released during the summer of 2007 and is still available. It charts a personal and Biblical journey through worship to underline the importance of a heart of worship in our lives as Christians.

In 2011 his release “Fly” was a further collection of praise and worship recorded live in Bangor Northern Ireland. Celebrating the links between the modern town of Bangor and it’s wonderful monastic past steeped in the ministry of worship and intercession. His other recent projects include the popular “Year of Grace” album recorded in Syracuse NY, and another men’s worship Mandate recording “Living the Adventure”.

Robin’s most recent project, “John Wesley and Company” is a little diversion from his previous works, compiled specifically to feature live and studio recordings of his ministry songs, many of which form part of the concert and worship experience when he is on tour

In March 2014 he released the 16th original album of his career, 'Liberation Praise'. This is a live and studio recording based in CFC church in Belfast again, using the instrumentalists and worshipping community from that place of praise. It presents another range of highly singable songs, ministry and reflective songs typical of his output.

Naturally invitations to minister have come from all over the globe and, whilst balancing a strong commitment to family and his home based responsibilities, he has traveled the world on concert and conference tour dates including Canada, the USA, Hawaii, Australia, Singapore, Hungary, Italy, Scotland, England and Wales. In 2014 he is again ministering in various parts of Europe, the U.K., Israel, Canada  and  the USA.

With such an anthology of album success, awards and touring experience, you might have expected all this to have gone to his head a little. But not so. His attitude and approach is most simply encapsulated by this recent quote during a press interview when asked about his life and ministry.

“I remember being told by an old Pastor to “hold everything loosely”. Everything that I have ever had or will ever achieve is simply God’s grace and pleasure. Any talent that I might muster has been given to me by the Lord, as the Bible says, “in accordance with my ability”. The worth or value of my ministry pales into total insignificance when set against what Christ did for me. All I have ever done is, at its core, an offering of worship in response to Him.  Were it all to end or change tomorrow then, so long as I have tried to do whatever He asked me to with all my heart and soul, that’s all that matters. I have been very blessed”.

In the midst of all this travel and expanding horizons he still feels the need to invest in his family and continue to praise the Giver of all gifts within the context of the broken, but slowly healing, society where he grew up. He remains firmly rooted in Northern Ireland desiring that the fulfillment of the prayers of many people, that God would "come and heal this Land", will soon be complete.