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About Reel Big Fish

Reel Big Fish shot to fame in the mid-nineties with their infectiously catchy blend of ska and punk, which helped them to edge into the mainstream. Following in the footsteps of bands such as No Doubt and Sublime, the band are famous for their witty and raucous stage shows and continue to sell out venues almost 20 years after they first formed.

The band built up a large underground following, but it was their single, Sell Out, that showcased their talents to a wider audience, achieving radio airplay and featuring on MTV. Reel Big Fish released their début album, Everything Sucks, in 1995 and it soon became a hit on the college scene. The success of Everything Sucks brought the band to the attention of indie label Mojo Records and they were offered a recording contract. Their first album for Mojo was called Turn the Radio off, released in August 1996.

Over the next year the group toured extensively to support the album, gaining more exposure as they performed. In 1997 the single Sell Out received airplay from several influential rock stations in the USA and the video appeared on MTV. By summer, the song had become a modern rock hit, and the album had entered the charts. In 1998 a cover of the A-Ha single Take on Me was featured in the film Basketball. The following year the album Why Do They Rock So Hard was released and is regarded by many as their finest. Mojo was bought by Jive in 2001 and the band's first release for the label was the rock album Cheer Up, which achieved success in Europe.

In 2005 the band released We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy and toured extensively. Having parted company with Jive, the band returned in 2007 with new material, including the album, Monkeys For Nothing and the Chimps For Free. In 2012 the band returned to their ska roots and released A Best of Us for the Rest of Us. This was followed by Candy Coated Fury, their first album of newly recorded original material in five years. After various line-up changes over the years, front man Aaron Barrett is the only original member remaining in the band. The band continues to tour non-stop, playing numerous shows and performing in the UK, the Republic of Ireland and all over the world. Ska music continues to flourish and Reel Big Fish still appeal to a growing fan base who come to experience their famous live shows, which feature brass instruments and upbeat punk sounds.