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About Prata Veta

The Story of PRĀTA VĒTRA is that of best friends who grew up together, went to the same school, shared the same dreams and together fulfilled them. They come from a unique generation. Born in Latvia which was then part of the giant Soviet Union, they experienced a Soviet upbringing, the battle for a freedom and were part of the first generation to embrace new possibilities the freedom brought. Experiencing these two radical systems has shaped their musical style.

After Prāta Vētra conquered the hearts of music lovers in native Latvia and became a household name, the band took a chance on reaching the audiences beyond the borders of their motherland. PRĀTA VĒTRA during their career have released albums in Europe and Russia, supported bands like REM,  The Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode.

World-known photographer Anton Corbijn has made photos for three albums and designed the logo of the band. As A.Corbijn has described: “There is this beautiful thing that great bands have something… Identity and I think PRĀTA VĒTRA has that.”

New album 'Another Still Life' was written and recorded in the historic town
of Hudson, in the Hudson valley upstate NY, and was mixed in a small studio beneath Radiohead's management office in Oxford, England.

The lyrics for the album's title track are made up entirely from the titles of
paintings, rearranged and formed into a cohesive song.

The song “Lantern” from their new album “Another still life” (available on Itunes worldwide) tells the story of the bands childhood, the forming of the band and of their stadium size success in the Eastern Europe.

PRĀTA VĒTRA just finshed their tour in native Latvia gathering 89 500 people in 7 dates. (Latvia’s population is 2 million) In October, the  band will tour Russia in support of the album release there. Dates are set for 4 cities and more to come. 

This is a unique chance to see and hear them live in Ireland.