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Celebrate the beauty of Mother Nature in March 2021

Planet Earth II – Live In Concert is an immersive visual and musical experience from BBC Studios and FKP Scorpio. Captured in unbelievable detail, you'll get to explore the jungles, mountains, deserts, islands, grasslands and even cities throughout all four corners of the globe. It’s a journey that focuses on the remarkable ways animals overcome challenges to survive in some of the wildest places on earth. From marine iguanas, flamingos and penguins to snow leopards, grizzly bears and locusts, expect eye-to-eye encounters and epic adventures throughout the natural world.

Based on the BAFTA and Emmy award-winning BBC Planet Earth II documentary series, originally broadcast in 2016, this arena tour was conceived to bring audiences closer to the planet’s majestic animals and magnificent landscapes than ever before.

The live concerts showcase footage of all sorts of creatures in their different habitats on a gigantic LED screen, with the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra – conducted by Matthew Freeman – performing the score from Oscar-winner Hans Zimmer (Gladiator, Interstellar), Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe.

Whereas the television series was narrated by Sir David Attenborough, Planet Earth II – Live In Concert will be hosted by science and natural history presenter Liz Bonnin with behind-the-scenes insights from Mike Gunton, the executive producer of Planet Earth II.

Initially announced for 2020, Planet Earth II – Live In Concert has been rescheduled to spring 2021.


Planet Earth II – Live In Concert is an arena tour featuring footage from the popular BBC TV series Planet Earth II shown on a gigantic LED screen, with the City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra performing its remarkable soundtrack.

Planet Earth II – Live In Concert is playing at UK arenas throughout March 2021.

Planet Earth II – Live In Concert is stopping in the following UK cities in 2021:

Planet Earth II is a breath-taking BBC TV documentary series that’s split up into six episodes. It was filmed in stunning ultra-high definition detail over three years in 40 different countries.

Originally airing in 2016, you can see the Planet Earth II series on BBC iPlayer.  

Planet Earth II covered everything from islands, mountains and jungles to deserts, grasslands and even cities. Among the featured animals were penguins, sea birds, marine iguanas, snow leopards, grizzly bears, golden eagles, jaguars, ninja frogs, desert lions, bats, saiga antelope, elephants, caribou, arctic wolves, leopards and many more.