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Plague Over England


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About Plague Over England

21 October 1953. The recently knighted Sir John Gielgud, poised to return to the West End in a new play, is arrested in a public lavatory on charges of importuning for immoral purposes. As news of his conviction is splashed across the national press - at a time when judges, politicians and doctors were describing homosexuality in terms of a cancer, an epidemic and a threat to national life - Gielgud faces personal and professional ruin. Then something extraordinary happens.

* * * * Daily Telegraph
* * * * The Guardian
* * * * The Times
* * * * Daily Mail
* * * * Mail on Sunday
* * * * Sunday Express
* * * * Evening Standard

"Bracing, moving and intelligent" - Mark Shenton, Sunday Express

"Celia Imrie is a delight" - Georgina Brown, Mail on Sunday

"Is it a good idea for theatre critics to turn playwright? On the evidence of Plague Over England, it most certainly is." - Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

"Michael Feast is excellent" - Christopher Hart, Sunday Times

"De Jongh delights" - Claudia Pritchard, Independent on Sunday

"A fascinating panoramic view of attitudes to homosexuality in Britain in the early fifties" - Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph

Please note: suitable for ages 11+ subject to parental/teacher's discretion.