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Pity Sex

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About Pity Sex

Formed in 2011, members Sean St. Charles (drums) and Brennan Greaves (guitar/vocals) met in kindergarten and played in bands together through college before finally starting Pity Sex. “The idea was to do the kind of 90s pop we’ve been listening to since we were kids,” explains Sean. The band was rounded by the addition of bassist Brandan Pierce and Britty Drake (guitar/vocals).

Walking the razor’s edge between overdriven navel gazing bliss and perfect pop sensibility, Pity Sex have crafted a breathtaking debut LP in Feast of Love that is both awesomely beautiful and deftly evocative. Following on the heels of their successful 2012 Dark World EP (Run For Cover Records), the four-piece has spent much of the past year touring and writing in preparation for their first full-length. They have also just been announced for the Great Escape Festival in Brighton next month ahead of their Academy 2 show.

Massive, harmonically distorted guitars and airy dual male/female vocals are hallmarks of Feast of Love, all drenched in warm, dreamy reverb. Most impressive however, is how the band utilises pop conventions; both vocal and instrumental melody, and a strong and pounding rhythm section; while delving deep into the ethereal power of textured soundscapes. Guitars fuzz and flange, weaving between distinct, identifiable parts and simple brushes of colored noise. The voices similarly drift between carrying delicate melodies and delivering evocative feeling. Calling on the infectious, hooky inclinations of the Pixies, dreary melodies of the Breeders and sonic mass of My Bloody Valentine, Pity Sex’s Feast of Love twists and churns with these beautiful yet fleeting vignettes captured in sound.