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Nik Rabinowitz


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About Nik Rabinowitz

South Africa’s No.1 stand-up comedian Nik Rabinowitz is coming to the UK!

Given the successful recent run of his one-man show in Cape Town and having recently turned 40, he decided that the best location for his midlife crisis would be London. Just don’t tell him that 40 is the new 30 because it’ll only confuse him further.

In this show, Nik explores a variety of subjects, some related to his bout with middle age and some not. Either way, he’s not going to commit to anything specific now because then you’ll come with very specific expectations, leaving him no room to change his mind at the last minute (which is he won't to do).

But does it really matter what his show’s about? It’s a comedy show. There will be stories, there will be awkwardness, and there will be accents. And it will all be funny which is all you really have to know!

Please remember that the rand is now at 17 to the pound so if you see Nik after the show, buy him a beer would you?

Last updated: April, 2017