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About Mr. Men & Little Miss

It's Little Miss Naughty's birthday and Mr Birthday has planned a surprise party! The trouble is Little Miss Naughty doesn't think she's getting a party at all this year as everyone has been telling her that she has been far too naughty. Even by her naughty standards!

But Mr Birthday has promised to get her a small present if she manages to be a little less naughty. However, in her willingness to be good she manages to drop all of Postman Stamp's letters in the river! What she doesn't realise is that those letters contain the party invitations for her surprise party... oh what a muddle!

It's a race against time to find the invitations, get the party decorations up and get everyone to the secret location on time in order to surprise her.

And what a party it's going to be! Mr Birthday has planned cakes, which will please Mr Greedy, and lots of party games and songs for us all to join in with. But just when they think they have saved the day, Little Miss Naughty goes missing!