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About Malaki

Bursting onto the scene in January with the powerful, spoken-word epic “Call us By Our Names”, Dublin native Malaki has been carving out his place in Irish Hip-Hop ever since, with an acute sense of lyricism and performance. The 19 year old rapper has already had an extremely busy 2019, developing his live show in venues across the country such as Whelan’s and The Sugar Club, as well as at multiple festivals over the summer including Forbidden Fruit and Beatyard.

Experimenting with a variety of hip-hop styles, including poetry and spoken-word, Malaki synthesises a rich and original interpretation of Dublin life and seamlessly fuses personal expression with sharp social and political critique. Songs like ‘From Grace’ and ‘Cuppa Tea’ display an ability to craft witty, tongue-in-cheek lyrics injected with an air of self-aware braggadocio, while tracks such as ‘Love Through A Cigarette’ and ‘J.A.C.K.’ reveal a more introspective, socially invested side.

Already backed by great momentum and a strong foundation of dedicated fans, Malaki has no plans of wasting the rest of the year. He is set to release a highly-anticipated E.P. before the year is out, using the platform to explore a number of themes including family, friendship, love, heartbreak, desire, loss and frustration. Keep an eye out.

Last updated: October 2019