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About Making the VAR Chat Stop Live Stream

Spend an evening with Max Rushden and the Football Weekly pod squad by watching Making The VAR Chat Stop Live Stream this month.

Max, Barry, Lars and Wilson have done live shows across the UK and Europe over the past few years. They've sold out everywhere. Previously, Barry failed to sell out a literary festival in Swansea – but that was then and this is now.

On 21 July 2020 at 20:00, you can join the Football Weekly podcasters as they talk about all the most important football stories (and the least important ones too). They'd love to have your virtual company, wherever you may be. 

Football Weekly is hosted by TV, radio and podcast presenter Max Rushden, who spends equal amounts of time being told he'll never be Lovejoy or James Richardson. Max is best known as the voice of Gaviscon.

Joining him are Barry Glendenning – who was not invited to Max's wedding, but who bought a new mattress recently and a very comfortable office chair. He talks out loud on podcasts, with very long pauses between his thoughts and sentences.  

Jonathan Wilson, who wrote the seminal, definitive, award-winning, critically acclaimed book on football tactics called Inverting the Pyramid (which no one he's worked with has ever finished reading), will also be there. His favourite conversation starters are: the Wi-Fi at Premier League grounds, shoulder surgery and Beyoncé (note: he has never listened to a piece of popular music). 

And then there's bearded Norwegian Lars Sivertsen, who sounds more Irish than Barry. He's been known to talk nonstop from a journey from London Luton airport departure lounge to a hotel in Stockholm. Since Ole Gunnar Solskjaer got the Manchester United job, his work opportunities have increased by 500 percent. 

So make sure you're watching Making The VAR Chat Stop Live Stream to see and hear, VAR and away, the best football podcast ever!