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About Lucha Libre London

Lucha Libre is back! After its triumphant debut in July Mexico's greatest masked wrestlers return for four days of spectacular high-flying, jaw-dropping, ring-grappling, mask-wearing Mexican entertainment that is guaranteed to rock your world this December.

It's an early festive Luchadrome, featuring the legendary gladiator El Hijo del Santo, whose tecnico side includes the mighty but minimal Mascarita Sagrada as they face the evil side of the rudos, whose leader Blue Demon Jr is joined by the lonesome and nasty Hijo del Solitario and Mascarita Dorada the mini-troll from Jack Black's Nacho Libre.

The luchadores line-up also includes: the Sun God Solar, the glamorous Cassandro and new exotico La chiquilla, high flyers Mystyco de Juarez and Magno, the singing mariachi ‘Corazon de Barrio', the prince of darkness Silver King, the giant Athor and the minis Octagoncito and Pequeño Pierrot.

"The most exciting form of wrestling on the planet is from Mexico. Where else will you find fighting midgets, feuding transvestites and masked muscle men, all engaging in a ferocious mix of acrobatics and showmanship" - Arena 

"Ladies and gentlemen, señors and señoritas, the hour of masked phantoms, acrobatic heroics and lycra posturing is upon us! All hail the luchadores!" - Camden New Journal

"It's always wise to expect the unexpected from The Roundhouse, but this time they've surpassed themselves" - Ham & High