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About Liz Jones

Former editor-in-chief of Marie Claire (where she ran a high-profile campaign to ban skinny models) and fashion editor at the Daily Mail, Liz Jones is a columnist at the The Mail On Sunday. She grew up in Essex, and suffered from eating disorders from the age of 11 until her late thirties.

Liz has been the most shared, most commented on writer on MailOnline for 10 years, with 69 million readers across the world. She was shortlisted five times in the last six years as Columnist of the Year at the British Press Awards and Columnist of the Year 2012 at the BSME awards.

To celebrate the publication of her first novel, 81/2 Stone, about a woman’s quest to be exactly that, and which is "the funniest novel since Bridget Jones’s Diary", according to Liz’s mum (who is long dead), the UK’s most popular newspaper columnist goes on the road with her not inconsiderable collection of Jimmy Choos to enlighten the women of Britain about the horrors of the glossy world of high fashion. 

She'll regale you with tales of what it was like to be a magazine editor travelling the world in search of the perfect pedicure, corralling Hollywood stars to grace the cover (which Oscar winner needed air brushing to make her put on weight, and which stick insect supermodel has cellulite?), before being sacked (though she did manage to smuggle 22 designer handbags out the building).

Ever wondered what it is like to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife for a boob job and a face lift? And what the ignominy feels like to have done all that, and been on a diet since you were always 11 in order to be beach body ready, even in snow, and yet still your (frankly obese, Cheesy Wotsit-appendaged) husband cheats on you for someone younger, dimmer and slimmer? Liz will take you on a journey through her 30-plus years in Fleet Street, from the days when she was Knitting Patterns Editor at Woman’s Realm to being named Columnist of the Year 2019 (tbc) for her controversial, compulsive toil in The Mail On Sunday.

You will laugh. You will cry. Waterproof mascara will be on sale in the lobby.