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About Liam Lawton

For Liam Lawton, November 2011 is a special date. November 2011 marks 20 years since Liam Lawton's music was first published, in the USA.  

In his career to date he has composed a number of Orchestral Suites for Chicago Symphony Hall, the last one presented and narrated by John Malkowich. Some years before that, Gregory Peck was narrator at another Liam Symphony Hall Premiere. His song Cloud's Veil was adopted as an anthem and performed in churches of all denominations across New York and the United States in the months following 9/11. To this day it is performed at events across America associated with the Twin Towers tragedy. In one single day in the week following 9/11, Clouds Veil had the record number of downloads ever up to that time. Clouds Veil will be used extensively all across USA this coming September at 9/11 special anniversary commemorative events.

His music has been translated and recorded in territories all over the world, the most recent being two full recording collections by different acts, one in Sweden; one in Norway One of his songs recorded by an act called State in Norway went to top of charts there, and is being released in Germany soon.

Orchestral Works; new Irish Music; all his own Songs; Books - his last Book Hope Prayer was a best selling hardback.  Best selling albums of his own on EMI, and dozens of  recordings on release in USA. His most recent album Courage Can Cry was conceived in Africa, and reflects his continuing love of Poetic lyrics, and the Irish Spiritual touch. Liam's writings encompass all media.

His own concert performances have taken place in an eclectic range of venues, including: Annaheim Convention Centre, Los Angeles; the Downtown Park, Toronto; the Berkelee Center, Boston; the Vatican; Chicago Symphony Hall; Carnegie Hall; Rudolfinum, Prague

For this Grand Canal Concert, Liam will be joined by guests he admires and who share his sense of integrity, every one a legitimate singular artist of unique talent.