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About Klaxons

It's fair to say that Klaxons, a band formed in New Cross in 2005, have a weight of expectation upon them. Just over a year into their existence, the kids love them, dress like them and go glowstick-wielding mental at their gigs. The media can smell something molten hot going on but are bemused as to what it is.

For the music consumer and MySpace addict there's the mad energy of the three singles - the latest, Magick, a frenetic paean to occultist Aleistair Crowley, plays regularly on daytime Radio One but stands out a country mile from the mass of regulation indie.

For the more casual observer, there's a lot of talk about ‘nu-rave', a term bassist Jamie Reynolds coined many months ago to describe the way his band occasionally reference the era when dance music ruled UK. It's a phrase that, for a firey guitar band, is misleading and yet sometimes bizarrely appropriate.

2007 could be Klaxons' year, with their stew of cosmic imagery, avant-garde awareness, dizzy melodies and raging energy are set to lead the way forward. ‘Light the bridges with the lantern," says Simon Taylor-Davis, (guitar, backing vocals) quoting from their song Forgotten Works, "You know something's going to happen."

It certainly seems likely...