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About Killswitch Engage

Breaking through with their debut self-titled album in 2000, Killswitch Engage are one of the most successful and enduring metal bands from the past two decades.

Heavily influenced by the Gothenburg music scene, Killswitch Engage's music mixes crushing riffs, double bass drum patterns and screaming-growling vocals with melodic elements. Other features of their sound include the use of complex single-note and power chord riffs featuring dual-guitar harmonies.

The band have released seven studio albums in their career so far, with their latest full-length Incarnate breaking into the top 10 on the Official UK Albums Chart.

Some of the Killswitch Engage’s best known tracks include Hate by Design, Strength of the Mind, In Due Time, The Arms of Sorrow, My Curse and Holy Diver.

The band are set to tour the UK later this year in support of their forthcoming new album Atonement.

Last updated: June, 2019