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About Kate Bush

Ticketing procedures have been put in place to ensure that tickets do not get sold on and fans do not pay a higher price for their tickets.

Ticket purchases are limited to a maximum of 4 per person across all shows (not per date).

The name of the lead booker will be printed on each ticket. The name cannot be changed once the booking has been made. The lead booker will be asked to present ID to gain entry into the venue. Failure to adhere the Terms and Conditions may result in the customer's order being void. There are no exceptions to this rule.
The name of the lead booker will be printed on the first ticket. As the number of tickets is limited they will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Tickets cannot be resold or transferred under any circumstances. If the promoter reasonably believe this to be the case the barcode on the ticket will be voided, prohibiting entry to the concert.
Age restriction: 14+ (all under 16s must be accompanied by an adult)