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Kassys - Cadavre Exquis

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About Kassys - Cadavre Exquis

A Cadavre Exquis is a poem written by several poets, without knowing what the others have written. The first writer composes a line of poetry on a piece of paper. Then he or she folds the paper so that only the last word is visible. The second writer continues, guided by that last word. The third writer follows and so on.

For this performance, four theatre companies have come together to create a live Cadavre Exquis on stage. Each will create a 15 minute section that starts with the last image of the previous part, without knowing what has taken place previously. In a completely open situation, the set may be changed or even destroyed, a dance performance can suddenly become a film and the story can go any number of unexpected ways.

This innovative international project is being led by Kassys theatre company (Holland), who will create the first and final sections. The intervening parts will be contributed by Nature Theater of Oklahoma (US), Tim Crouch (UK) and Nicole Beutler (Germany / Holland).