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About Kai Whiston

At just 18 years old, Dorset based Kai Whiston first got into production at the age of 12, teaching himself how to use digital production tools “with Google Chrome and 50 tabs open”. He started experimenting with remixing computer game soundtracks that he and his friends were playing at the time.

His first love was punk before he discovered electronic music.

Early in 2017, Kai DJed for RADAR Radio, with a show he titled Atrophy FM and mixes that allowed him to display the full range of his taste from a grime-adjacent aesthetic, to the sound design conscious labels like PAN and Editions Mego. He is also influenced by the distorted rebellious energy of Death Grips and The Prodigy as well as FlyLo’s cosmic braindance.

Kai Whiston will be playing a one-off show this April at The Pickle Factory in London.

Last updated: February, 2019