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About Joe Pasquale

See Joe Pasquale's latest show: The Devil in Disguise.

We all have a good side and a dark side... and a backside, so come and witness Joe showing off all three in a show that defies description. He's been away searching for the fabled ancient merkin (Google it) of Macedonia, once owned by Genghis Khan's nan (Maud), who used to wear it for special occasions, but only if she was going to Lidl on the way home. Witness Joe explain the mysteries of why the four horseman of the apocalypse will be arriving on My Little Ponies, and what Action Man held with those gripping hands.

It'll be a show you won’t forget in a hurry, well... at least 40 minutes.

Warning: May contain immature themes including words like bum, willy and fart! Suitable for all ages.

Last updated: August, 2017