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About Jenny Talia

From the outback of Australia comes a new brand of comedic talent that will blow your mind. Jenny Talia from Australia is a blonde haired, blue-eyed, fast-talking, ball-busting Sheila with an attitude, and that's on a good day!

Originally from Kalgoorlie, now based in Chicago, this feisty little lady has a voice larger than herself and an arsenal of material to make any woman proud and any bloke piss themselves laughing. Coupled with an amazing talent for writing songs that mirror the ridiculous realities in life, Jenny delivers a fresh approach to comedy as never seen before.

Having just returned from her first solo headlining tour of the United Kingdom, the next 12 months will see Jenny Talia continuing to take her show on the road. Jenny's recently released fourth album, The Blonde Leading the Blonde, is once again, full of her observational gems, including the new crowd favourite, Facebook Song.

Jenny's hilarious popular blogs on her website, receive tens of thousands of hits everyday, no doubt contributing to the YouTube success of her Camel Toe song and her weekly video blogs from the road.

Folks there's a little bit of everything for every one at a Jenny show. Jenny Talia is a proud advocate for equal rights so not only will she take the piss out of you, but she doesn't mind taking it right out of herself as well. Never before have you seen anything like her and surely she is something you will not soon forget!

"She's my retirement fund" - Kevin Bloody Wilson.