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About IceSpace

IceSpace is the planet's first ever five-star Arctic attraction. A severely cool, world touring arrangement of ice sculpture, illumination, technology, music, cuisine, visual arts and performance. IceSpace is a collision of summer and winter, north and south, fantasy and reality. A new concept in cool, IceSpace is a sensational interactive ice experience; the embodiment of a winter wonderland.

Immerse yourself in a frozen fairy-tale world, enjoy a buffet for the senses, indulge yourself with exotic hot cocktails, fine dining, interactive performance art, cutting edge music from artists such as Thom York and Richard Ashcroft, a veritable orgy of mind-blowing visuals, and yes, a myriad of ice sculptures.

Amazingly, IceSpace is erected out of more than 2000 blocks of the purest ice on Earth. That is over 200 tons of uncut frozen water! It takes 25 of IceSpace's experienced ice sculptors and structure builders a total of three months to prepare and craft IceSpace. The raw materials? An incredible volume of ice shipped all the way from Canada. 

IceSpace offers a once in a lifetime chance to leave your world thousands of miles behind, thousands of years back, yet still keep the here and now in sight the entire time. IceSpace brings new meaning to the phrase "getting away from it all". IceSpace creates a temperature-controlled environment, between -3 and -5 degrees Celsius, using postmodern cooling methods and futuristic equipment.

IceSpace has created a new dimension of entertainment that is open to people of all ages and walks of life.  Its luxuries and wonders are amazingly affordable.  We've created the dream, now all you have to do is believe.