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Heaven's Basement


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About Heaven's Basement

Richie Hevanz: Vocals by Sid Glover

Richie was born and grew up in a sleepy town in South Wales, UK. Looking for a way out, he discovered a profound friendship in rock ‘n' roll, specifically the messages with which the singers delivered to him with such relating venom. This was just the outlet he needed for his frustration towards the world that surrounded him.

His music tastes developed and he began to route his very real and potent views into something much more creative. Richie is a dark soul and if you bare witness to him, sat silent with a sinister air around him, do not be fooled into thinking he is anything other than experiencing infernal inspiration.

Sid Glover: Lead Guitar by Rob Randell
Sid Glover, otherwise known as 'Kid Fingers' or 'The Mouth', is the youngest member of Heaven's Basement. Born in Corby 20 years ago, but praised and raised in the eye of a hurricane, the other four members first saw Sid on stage in a den of antiquity licking the walls and faces around him with the flames of his guitar playing.

Impressed by such vitality and soul, they knew they'd found the fifth point of the star. His energy and enthusiasm hits you in the jaw like a southpaw from Cassius Clay.

Rock 'n' roll to the core, Sid lives and breathes music. You will not find him at the age of sixty sitting down in a comfy chair reading a book; he'll be the man with a battered old acoustic still humming a great song, still alive, still living out the dream.

His style is his own, his love for good music is his passion, and to create and work as a musician is his life.

Jonny Rocker: Rhythm Guitar by Chris Rivers

The third member of the rhythm section of Heaven's Basement and with a 'grab it by the horns' attitude towards life has the ability to liven up any dull night.

Growing up in London, England and born with the life long mission of creating music, Jonny is full of heart, flair and is gifted with an ear for music that helps to fuse the unstructured chaos of the other four members. His alive and driven personality is what draws people to him like a moth to a flame.

Drawing his influences from many kinds of music from Hard Rock to Dance reflects in his stage presence, guitar-playing aswell as his love for producing, these qualities will help establish Heaven's Basement and his life as a musician.

Jonny is full of heart and passion and upon meeting bassist Rob Randell in his mid teens; his path to Heaven's Basement was laid. The rest is future history.

Chris Rivers: Drums by Jonny Rocker

I didn't know at the time, but when I met Chris in 2002 after looking for a new drummer I had found not only an incredibly driven and focused artist but also a great friend. I say artist because beyond his ability to keep time in the most imaginitive of ways, lies an extremely accomplished painter and prime mover.

Born and bred in Manchester, UK. His devotion to the drum came after discovering Van Halen at a young age. Already on a diet of Genesis, The Eagles and Pink Floyd through his mother, it was watching and listening to his fathers hard rock drumming style which drew him to likes of Aerosmith, Motley Crue and later on, Guns n' Roses.

There's nothing like it, I can feel the power and intensity from behind me when we are onstage. He plays like its the last time he will ever play, every time, always. Sitting on his throne at his watchtower, guiding the missiles, conducting his symphony of thunder............the mighty satellite, Chris Rivers

Rob Randell: Bass by Richie Hevanz

Rob Randell, Bobby Love or the dancer, as he's sometimes known, was born in the eighties in the town of Romford, Essex. Legend has it that rob was born with a bass in his right hand and an instruction manual entitled 'How to play the bass' in his left.

Growing up Rob Randell made the bass, music and more importantly Rock part of his soul and dreamed of one day being part of a rock band that would take over the world. In his teens a chance meeting with a fellow rocker named Jonny set Rob on the path to fulfilling this dream. His cheeky smile, easy charm and winning wit makes Rob not only a hit with everyone he meets but helps compliment the fierce bass riffs that emanate from his body and cement his place as part of the back bone of Heaven's Basement.

........Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Rob Randell.