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About Hadouken!

While the masses are intent on picking the next big thing for 2007, four scamps from Leeds have sauntered, nay lurched, into view at the end of 2006 with two clenched fistfuls of must-see live shows and a MySpace page that remains the talk of A&R meetings and continues to elude the hungry chequebooks.

Hadouken! take their name from the signature attack move of Street Fighter character Ryu, but infuse their music with as much wit as there is tongue-in-cheek aggro and viral choruses.

Referencing such diverse genius as The Prodigy, N*E*R*D, Elle Milano and Wiley, the band have already sold out 700-capacity London venues and gigged alongside the likes of James Murphy, Klaxons and Metric, and their remixes have blessed singles by Plan B and Klaxons.

'Somewhere in the middle of 'Superstar' you can practically hear the KER-ACKKK! of the new generation's defining movement breaking, and it's luminously painted public face are Hadouken! The most incredible, inconceivable, indestructible new band on the planet. They are Rage Against The Machine making evil babies with The Prodigy on a knackered Pac Man machine. They are your PSP on PCP. You will be consumed.'' Mark Beaumont, NME

''London lot Hadouken! are the freshest thing on the site this week by miles. They sound angry, they sound smart and they sound like something you'll be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. Best tune 'That Boy That Girl is a savage, snarling work of genius that makes me want to smash bottles over my head. In a good way." James Jam, NME

Hadouken! take the gold medal for carnage... You'd hesitate to call Hadouken! frontman a singer, you'd also be reluctant to class him as a rapper but as ("nasty") samples flitter and near grime style drum and bass batter the lobes, Hadouken! don't half know how to make a racket. Tunes of the calibre of 'Dance Lesson', 'Tuning In' and 'That Boy. That Girl' sound superb at close vicinity and as crowd surfers sail overhead.

'...a hardcore, PA-decimating, Oi-punk, chav-hop, day glo riot soon-to-be-know-to-everyone as Hadouken!' The Fly
''If you've ever wondered what a Dizzee Rascal and Test Icicles collaboration would sound like then Hadouken! are your answer.... say hello to your new favourite band.''

'It's danceable grime with a wit most of Britpop would sell their Union Jacks for. 'That Boy That Girl' is nigh-on genius: lyrics that'll make you laugh, and a beat that'll make you move. Voluntarily.' This is Fake DIY

'From comments I've heard though this seems to really polarise opinion. The correct opinion is that it is genius.' Headphone Sex

'They're basically very good.'
'A great new band' Mike Skinner