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About Gala Flamenco

The students and director of Ilusion Flamenca! International Flamenco School are proud to present our greatest show yet - Gala Flamenca - at the Shaw Theatre, London.

The show includes over 100 dancers of all ages, a truly international group of men, women and children from around the world, brought together by our passion for Flamenco. We will be showing the best of the choreographies we have been practising and performing since the school began in 1999.

The performances will be supported by Londons favourite professional Flamenco
artists and musicians, with expert stage and lighting engineers. The theatre has a bar
and in-house restaurant.

Artists: Manuel de la Malena, Tony Despeinao, Lola Rueda, Carlos Otero, Steve Holmes, Pablo Dominguez.
Artistic Director: Angela Alonso
Age guidance: 5+