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Forever the Sickest Kids


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About Forever the Sickest Kids

Success in the music business requires a magical combination of talent, perseverance and opportunity. The six young rockers in Dallas, Texas band Forever the Sickest Kids easily possess all this and more. They're unquestionably gifted, ambitious and hard working, and in the eight months since they formed, they've repeatedly created their own opportunities - sometimes accidentally.

Although Forever the Sickest Kids have been around less than a year, their roots date back to the members' childhood. Guitarist Marc Stewart and drummer Kyle Burns are stepbrothers and shared many musical discoveries in their early lives. Around the same time, guitarist Caleb Turman and bassist Austin Bello became friends and started writing songs. Years later, Stewart met keyboardist Kent Garrison in high school. Then, when Garrison went to college, he hooked up with singer Jonathan Cook and Bellows.

For a while, Turman and Bellows played together in the Dallas band Ben Bradley and everyone else from Forever the Sickest Kids rocked with The Flipside. But in late 2006, both of those groups reached a creative standstill, and the Sickest Kids were born.

"We all had the same idea and vision of where we wanted to go and how important the music was to us," says Stewart. "This was something that we all really wanted."

Within four months, the band had recorded Television Off, Party On and written many of the songs for their full-length debut. Then, Forever the Sickest Kids started playing shows, including a three-week stint on the indie stage of the Warped Tour. "That was the hardest thing we've ever done because a lot of people didn't know who we were and we were constantly having to prove ourselves," Stewart says.

"But it was also the most rewarding thing because we were playing to over 1,000 people a day."
As rigorous as Warped was, it paid off. Before Warped, Forever the Sickest Kids averaged 10,000 to 12,000 daily plays on their MySpace page. When they got home, the number jumped from between 15,000 and 22,000. And the band's fanbase continues to grow.

"There's a lot of word of mouth and the songs wound up on other people's profiles, which really helps spread the word," Turman explains. "The Internet has been an amazing tool for us, but there's still nothing like playing in front of a live audience."

So, just what is it about Forever the Sickest Kids that's so irresistible? Beyond the obvious - the sky-high hooks, impressive musicality and sonic diversity - there's a spirit to the songs that's inspiring. Even when the lyrics are cynical and the tone bittersweet, there's a feeling that, beyond the rocky curve, more good times lay ahead.

And with a brand new album on the horizon, Forever the Sickest Kids are destined to propel those smiles for miles to come. 2.5 million fans have already spoken. The final tally should be staggering.